30 Ekim 2010

Music video: Miami Horror - Holidays

Made by KROZM. 

We are throwing a few parties in Australia to celebrate summer & Holidays, check out: 

29 Ekim 2010

Trentemøller: Sycamore Feeling

'Sycamore Feeling' - video from the upcoming Trentemøller album Into The Great Wide Yonder' written and directed by Jesper Just. Producers: Lucas Joaquin, Jay Van Hoy, Lars Knudsen. Women: DeYana Wagner, Princess Diandra. Director of Photography: Kasper Tuxen. Editors: Rikke Selin Lorentzen, Jesper Just. Costume Designer: Rabiah Troncelliti. Production Designer: Jona Burrut. Digital Imaging Technician: Bernard Hunt. Key Grip: John Shim. Gaffer: Matt Tomko. Make-Up Artist: Melanie Harris. Location Manager: Ray Mendez. Location Scout: Stephen Grivno. Art Intern: Ashby Collinson. Production Assistants: Tory Lenosky, Alex Scharfman, Anna Bernstrom, Brian Yankou.

26 Ekim 2010

CLOGS "Last Song"

The classical, indie, post-rock haze that Clogs has become known for has materialized once again on the Last Song EP. The first proper "single" from their most recent LP, The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton, "Last Song," appears on the EP, featuring the evocative muttered baritone of Matt Berninger of The National. Clogs co-founder Padma Newsome sings lead on the second track, "No Bridge." The final instrumental piece "Loev Song" is performed by the group.

Released at the same time as the EP is a video for "Last Song" by Benjamin and Stefan Remirez-Perez, twin brothers studying film and animation at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany and the Vancouver School's Digital Design program, respectively.

23 Ekim 2010

The Ride of Firdauz Haron

Firdauz Haron rides 22km every day back and forth along the most busiest freeway in Johor Bahru and he rides fast.
All footage were shot with Nikon 35mm f/1.8G on a D300s. Edited with Premiere CS4.
Thanks to Omar and Congo for helping out with the shots. 

El Ray – The Life of a Mariachi

"I know very well that I’m out of your life. But the day I die, I now you’ll have to cry..to cry and cry. You may say you never loved me. But you’re going to be really sad and that’s how you’re going to stay. A stone in the journey taught me that my destiny was to roll and roll...to roll and roll...Then a cowboy told me you don’t have to get there first. But you have to know how to get there. With or without money I always do what I want. And my words are the law. I don’t have a throne or a queen. Or anyone who understands me. But I’m still the king” His name is Saúl Ezqueda and he is a Mariachi.

A film by Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari

22 Ekim 2010

Chris Beckman's "Oops"

"oops" || appropriated digital video || 2009

21 Ekim 2010

Broken Fingaz -Graffiti Stop Motion

Cool Stop-Motion Video!
First animation clip from Tant and Unga of the "broken fingaz crew" from Israel. 
Music by Boreta and edIT of The Glitch Mob

17 Ekim 2010

Amazing Building Mapping - Vimeo Festival

Saturday the 9th October, Evan Grant's Seeper collective mapped the IAC building in Chelsea, New York, NY. 
The video giant art project was made to celebrate the openeing of the the awards afterparty held in the foyer of the IAC building.

Desk - Music and Sound Design

Music and sound design for Imaginary Forces NYC for the series of brand films for Lexus.

16 Ekim 2010

Tiny Furniture Trailer

A pre-festival trailer for Tiny Furniture, a feature film by Lena Dunham (premiering in narrative competition at SXSW 2010)
22-year-old Aura returns home after college to her artist mother’s loft with the following: a useless film theory degree, 357 hits on her YouTube page, and no shoulders to cry on. Starring Dunham and her real-life family, Tiny Furniture is tragicomedy about what does and does not happen when you graduate with no skills, no love life, and a lot of free time.

15 Ekim 2010

Walk Above Water

killedthewind's up-close-and-personal view of what it feels like to ride above the ocean (for those who don't know). For those that do know, this is a film of progressive strapless surfing, kite wake-skating, and other wind fueled mayhem. 

What does Michael Air Jordan have to do with riding in the ocean? We put on a pair of his kicks to see if they make you fly.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, 2010

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, 2010. This is the vocal cut - check out coachella.com for the original. Please view in HD and full screen for best effect.

12 Ekim 2010

3 Years At The Same Place (english version)

Location: Paris / France

First shot: january 2007
Last Shot: September 2010

Number of images: 45.000

Camera : DSLR Pentax K 110D

Compositing & Editing:
After Effects / Avid Media Composer

11 Ekim 2010

Influencers, How Trends & Creativity Become Contagious

R+I creative presents “Influencers”, a short documentary by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson that “explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends & creativity become contagious today in music and fashion”.

09 Ekim 2010

Cruisers, Building Schwinn Bikes on Venice Beach

“Cruisers”, a new video by California is a place features Thomas Duggan who builds Schwinn Bikes on Venice Beach.

Colorful Sound Sculptures Created Using Paint Droplets

Creative studio Dentsu London worked with photographer Linden Gledhill to create an amazing series of colorful sounds sculptures made using paint droplets as part of a promo for Canon Pixma printers.

Music video: Uffie - Difficult

08 Ekim 2010

Agent Provocateur - "Love Me Tender" in HD

Short film written and directed by Greg Williams as a web viral for underwear firm Agent Provocateur staring model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

07 Ekim 2010

Staple City

100,000 staples arranged over 40 hours.

Cutter by Aspirins For My Children

The colorful toy and drug themed music video for “Cutter” by Aspirins For My Children, directed by Mr. Harrison.

06 Ekim 2010

The Unseen Sea

Here is a collection of time lapses that Simon Christen took around the San Francisco Bay Area roughly shot over the period of one year.
Music by Nick Cave - Mary's Song from the Soundtrack of "Assassination of Jesse James"

Longboard Girls Crew

Saturday morning cruising and rocking around Madrid with the Longboard Girls Crew. 
Special thanks to the spanish team, Ana, Bea, Bego, Carla, Emma, Hännä, Jacky, María, Kati, Maitane, Maryele, Paula, Sophie and Valeria.
Go Outside - Cults 
The Late Great Cassiopia - Essex Green 
Tremendous Dynamite - Eels

Radiohead - Paranoid Android

Video Clip of Paranoid Android from Radiohead

05 Ekim 2010

Whatever Lola Wants by The Satin Dollz

The wonderfully retro music video for “Whatever Lola Wants” by The Satin Dollz, directed by Dan Blank. The video was produced for less than $2000 using a Canon 7D DSLR camera

DUMBO Underwater

Inspired by issues relating to climate change, DUMBO Underwater imagines what it might feel like if sea levels rose to the point where parts of New York City found themselves underwater.

01 Ekim 2010

Homemade Spacecraft

Video from a camera attached to a weather balloon that rose into the upper stratosphere and recorded the blackness of space.